Internships and Wwoofing

Internships: We are proud to announce that Binghamton University offers course incentives for interning at Carlton Farms.  If you are a student there, you should speak with your advisor or Prof. Carl Lipo about the opportunity.

Interns are expected to work 10 weeks in the course of the summer and earn a modest stipend.  We also supply room and board.  This is an on-the-job learning experience and we encourage interns to check out books from our large collection of reading material on organic and Biodynamic agriculture.  We also encourage conversations on farming, politics, current events, environmental issues, and Biodynamic and organic farming practices — especially at meal time.

Here is a link to an application you can fill out online.

WWoofers: Wwoofers ( are essential to our farm’s team and success.  Lengths of stay vary from weeks to months and even an entire season.  Wwoofers are given free room and board and on average work 6 hours a day, 6 days a week.  You can find more information about wwoofing at Carlton Farms on the site and might be interested in these reviews:

ClarisseLeger “Lovely farm with amazing people ! It was an incredible experience wwoofing for the first time in Carlton Farms ! Richard and Jennie have a lot of knowledge and it is very interesting to work with them ! I had a wonderful month, with a lot of work, a lot of discoveries, a lot of laughing and a lot of amazing people ! I encourage wwoofers to go to this farm ! Thank you for everything !” August 2018

amorreale1 “Carlton Farms is an absolutely incredible place filled with uniquely wonderful people and lots of good energy. Jennie and Richard are extremely welcoming, making me feel like an instant part of their farm family. Both have so much knowledge about organic farming and biodynamics that they are eager to share and can answer any question you have for them. The food was an *incredible* mix of the fresh picked, delicious fruits/veggies/herbs and Jennie’s great skills. I loved this farm so much I ended up extending my stay, and I cannot wait to get back there!”  August 2018

 sil7   “Jennie and Richard are so amazing; thank you guys for the many wonderful, intriguing conversations and laughs! The farm and its surrounding area are gorgeous. The tasks are diverse and range from planting to feeding animals to harvesting for the CSA and the Farmer’s Market. I was lucky enough to work on an awesome team during my short week on the farm. Jennie and Richard also were kind enough to explain the details of organic and biodynamic farming which really opened my eyes as to what sustainable farming is all about (highly encourage others to ask them about this as they’re super knowledgable!). If you want to have a truly wonderful WWOOFing experience, Carlton Farms is the place to be :)” June 2018

Stefifi “This is probably the 4th or 5th draft I’ve made for Jennie and Richard. I cant find any set of words that could completely sum up my experience with Carlton Farms and its extended family. My time with them surpassed just an internship with a farm but with a family as well. An experience with them is customized and tailor fit to how you want to experience the farming lifestyle. My tip to anyone who is bold and brave enough to take on this life changing experience is to open up and take in all the experiences, knowledge, laughs, meals, and endless conversations that the farm family has to offer.”  November 2016

Satomi  “I spent here about 1month. It was one of the best experience I’ve ever done!! They welcome to me like a family that even though my English skill is not enough. We did farm field work together day after day.And participating in green market,Attending the birth of lovely lambs etc… I had a great time in my life here. I respected Jennie,Richard and Barbara. After 1month I found we are part of nature. It,s time for each of us to ponder how we should coexist with nature. I will cherish what you’ve done for me forever. Thank you sooooo much!! Wish you be always filed with happiness .”  February 2016

eileenforward  “My first experience WWOOFing, I’m so glad that I chose this farm! I worked on the farm for one week and here’s the breakdown: The Work: Depends on the day, but every morning we fed and watered the animals (dogs <3, chickens, pigs, goats) and watered the plants that needed it. On Saturdays we would help out with the farmers market selling salts, meats, pesto, fire tonic, etc. Weekdays we would do any of the following: weed, transplant, clean around the yard, and barns, mow, weed-wack, chase down the escaping sheep, pick clover and more. Overall, the work wasn’t terribly strenuous and we would take breaks whenever we needed. The people: Jennie and Richard are super knowledgeable not only about farm stuff, but current events and can talk about almost any topic. Going to school in NYC, I wasn’t used to how wonderfully friendly everyone on the farm was and people are so kind and willing to help. I got sick several times, and everyone went out of there way to help me feel better, and also follow up and make sure I was ok. Living and food: There’s lots of beds and at nights its really nice and cool (I get hot easily). I think this is important: I never got bit by mosquitos or anything, and usually I’m a bug-bite homing device. Food is all wholesome and delicious. Misc: All in all, its a great place to reconnect with nature. You have incentive to sleep and rise early, and morning are just so beautiful. They have these awesome wind chimes (not the noisy, clangy kind) and hammocks on their porch that induce inescapable relaxation and peace :)” . August 2015

 Troilo  “The Carlton Farms is one of my best experience ever. I have stayed one month and all this time that I spent there was an education of life, I learned so much and discovered a lot of things about biodynamic culture, animals and natural life. Jennie, Richard and Barbabra are unforgettable people, nice, smart, merry and lovely. The sheeps, yaks, dogs, cats, chikens and birds gave me so much as well, and I discovered myself with all of them. The food is healthy and delicious, beds are confortable and the landscape relaxing. What more can I say ? This place and this people make the World a better place. Thank you.”  June 2015

 Guillaume94  “J’ai connu ma première expérience wwoofing à la Carlton Farms en août 2014. Ayant prévu de rester une quinzaine de jours, j’ai finalement laissé mes valises durant un mois entier. Cette expérience a été la meilleure de ma vie. Vivant et étudiant à Paris, je n’ai été que plus sensible au charme de cette ferme, posée dans un coin de paradis. Jennie et Richard sont deux merveilleux hôtes qui vous accueilleront comme des membres à part entière de leur famille. Le logement à l’écart de la maison principale est très confortable et spacieux. Cette dernière est toujours ouverte pour se laver, prendre un repas, se reposer ou lire confortablement dans les canapés du salon. Durant un mois, j’ai énormément appris du travail que requière une ferme biologique. Le domaine comporte plusieurs champs et serres, et de nombreux animaux (moutons, chiens, abeilles, poules). Les tâches sont donc variés : récolte de légumes et de plantes pour le marché local, entretien des animaux, arrosage, coupage de bois, etc. Après quelques heures de travail, tout le monde se réunit afin de passer la soirée ensemble soit à la maison soit aux alentours. Je recommande à tous de passer par cette ferme, qui à coup sûr, restera pour vous aussi une expérience inoubliable.”  January 2015

bmulroe  “I wwoofed at Carlton Farms for a week in June 2014. This was my first wwoofing experience, and I completely lucked out. Jennie and Richard were welcoming and warm, and I felt at home right away. The work ranged from weeding vegetable beds to helping with the process of sheep shearing. It was slightly challenging for someone not used to farm work, but not overwhelming, and there were plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the beauty of rural Pennsylvania and the great company. We visited a nearby state park for a hike and went swimming at a water hole down the road, there was a delicious homemade dinner every day, and I learned about the fascinating philosophy of biodynamic farming. I would highly recommend Carlton Farms to any first-time or experienced wwoofers looking to meet wonderful people and have an experience that feels more like a vacation than work.”  November 2014

AvonBradsky  “Carlton Farms was my first wwoofing experience as well as my first hands-on farm experience. I arrived in April 2014 and was lucky enough to be a part of lambing(!), and preparing the farm for the season. Although my plan was to only stay a month, I fell completely in love with the farm, the animals, and Jennie and Richard…and ended up staying a full season, until November. As a woofer at Carlton Farms you will be faced with hard work in a good environment. For all of the work you put in, you are always rewarded with fun and plenty of ice cream (root beer floats?). Most of our work was done on the farm, including the value-added production of salts and fire tonic, and once a week we attended a Farmers Market. After work there was always time for a bon-fire, a pick-up game of soccer or frisbee, or time to snuggle up with a book from Jennie’s library. Finding Carlton Farms has made a significant impact on my life and has served as an example of how life should be, full of happiness and low in stress. You will not regret your visit to Carlton Farms, and if you head out there-remember to say hello to the dogs for me!”  November 2014

madelinekate . “I WWOOFed at Carlton Farms for two months during the summer of 2014. It was an incredible experience. The farm’s beauty and surrounding landscape is exquisite. Rural Montrose is nestled in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and is a wonderful neighborhood. The farm’s community is something unique. The owners welcome you in like a distant relative. They are open and generous. The food we made was always fresh and delicious, as a vegetarian there was no problem. Along with our daily meals together, we had a farm dinner once a week, which was always a blast. The work was consistent; days were filled with caring for animals, weeding vegetable beds, loading hay, and general upkeep. During my stay I was able to learn about the intricate details of Biodynamic farming. I would recommend Carlton Farms to anyone interested in having a fantastic time working on a farm with great people.”  November 2014

pieterjansbv  “During the month of July 2014 I wwoofed at Carlton Farms in Montrose PA. It was an incredible first time wwoofing (and visiting the USA) experience. The Endless Mountains is a very beautiful area, as is the nearby Salt Springs State Park. My daily chores on the farm included taking care of the greenhouse and flowers. I’ve also taken part in many activities such as weeding, harvesting, chicken processing, haying, moving the sheep, mulching, planting seeds, helping with value added products, marketing produce and general farm upkeep. Jennie is very sociable and immediately makes you feel at home. She and Richard taught me a lot about farming and other various subjects. The weekly farm dinners were something to look forward to and the food was delicious. I highly recommend this farm to first-time and experienced woofers alike.”  July 2014



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