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Hard Work and Hardly Working

It’s snowing as I write this but it won’t be long before the growing season is in full swing.  There will be a lot of work — of course, farming can be hard work.  But, we like taking time to appreciate nature.  Here, we are relaxing after a wicked (hahaha) afternoon of blueberry picking at


a neighbors farm.  We wait all year for just the right time to harvest the delicious blues.

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Working Dogs

IMG_9170Jennie captured the essence of winter in this photo of Gabe, the older of our two Great Pyrenees working dogs.  He lives outdoors 24/7 guarding our 40-head flock of sheep, mainly from coyotes, and is a central figure of the farm.  Admirers stop to take his picture even though he regards just about anything that moves as likely threats to his flock.  Near ceaseless barking and regular circling the perimeter of his assigned field is how he operates.  It’s all in the breed and there’s no stopping it.  But don’t let his fierce growl fool you.  He’s a lush for petting and attention.

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Working Cats

Ella                Buddha              Leo

Let us introduce you to Ella, Buddha, and Leo, the farm’s working cats.  These and two other feral cats — way to shy to be photographed and not often seen — make up the farm’s rodent patrol.   All  from the same litter, they move as a unit and cuddle in the same bed. On duty 24/7 they, next to our working dogs, are the hardest workers we have.  More than that, they are constant and playful companions, curious and dedicated, showing up when least expected.  

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Mud Season

Mud season is upon us.  Right now the ground is still frozen an inch or so down so we have standing water with nowhere to go.  The solution is to seek higher ground, which is what Gabe is going for in this photo.  Not even the sheep who are slightly more tolerant of puddles wanted to cross this mud puddle

Gabe in the mud

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First CSA!

Our first CSA of the year took place in 2017, and it was a blast! We plan to do it again in 2018.

From 2017:

Carlton Farms will be offering it’s first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) here in Montrose this year! It will run from June 7th through October 18th. Vegetable, fruit, meat, value added products and pick your own herbs and flowers will be available every Thursday from 4-6 on the farm. Click over to our CSA page or email us at or call Jennie at 570.396.0886.

As soon as our greenhouse produces delicious spinach, kale, and other early spring goodies our farm stand will be open daily. We’re happy to offer the freshest, nutrient dense, organic foods to our local community and hope you enjoy the harvest.