Carlton Farms is a diverse certified organic and Biodynamic® family farm located in the Endless Mountains region of northeast Pennsylvania. We are in what once was a thriving dairy farm part of the country and the barns, all built in the Dutch colonial style reflect what was needed back then to support a full-blown dairying operation; a cow barn, horse barn, bull barn, heifer barn, machine shop, ice-house, and creamery.

Herdsmen in white coats milked the beautiful fawn, and white Guernsey cows known for their rich, high fat, protein and B-carotene milk and workhorses Spot and Dan pulled the plows and implements used for haying, and for growing corn and field crops.  Bottled milk, ice-cream, fluid cream, and butter were sold locally and also shipped to New York City.


There were chickens, too; one house for layers and one for brooding.  The US Post office carried fresh eggs to the city in metal containers with tiny springs built in to absorb vibration and shocks. Evidence of these early operations, as well as some of the horse-drawn implements, can still be seen around the farm.

Our 233 acres were pieced together in the late 1800’s by George Wells Comstock of New York City. George’s son, George Carlton Comstock, designed and built the farm in the early 1900’s as it exists today.


Today, we care for all the original buildings except for the creamery and icehouse, which burned down in the 1950’s. Six generations (and now 7) have shared, loved, and experienced life on the farm. Currently, members of the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations are involved in various aspects of the farm’s operations while the 7th generation help by collecting eggs, and feeding the chickens and pigs.